Complete service for your car

High Speed fuels:

  • 95-octane unleaded petrol
  • 98-octane unleaded petrol
  • EuroDiesel
  • BioDiesel
  • Ekstra heating oil

Saving is enabled by many advantages of High Speed fuels:

  • Lower consumption is due to better combustion with which better use and reaction are achieved.
  • Long-lasting engine, exhaust system and catalic converter.
  • Better engine running, more power, and better acceleration.
  • High Speed fuel protects your vehicle.
    It keeps the loading system clean, protects the engine from corrosion and wearing out, and efficiently prevents from pitchy material formation.
  • Optimal running in all circumstances.
    Simple ignition and smooth engine running also in the most unpleasant winter conditions (also at temperatures lower than 20 degrees Centigrade)
  • High oxidization stability and excellent driving index